Summer Beach 3D Screensaver

Summer Beach 3D Screensaver

Bring a placid summer scene to your desktop with this 3-D screensaver
Scenic Reflections

Summer is the season in which many people are on vacation, and the beach is one of the most visited places. This screensaver features a nice and placid beach scene in 3-D. It shows a sea view from the beach, as if you were resting on a hammock behind a tree with a monkey on its branches. A couple of yachts are crossing the sea on the horizon. The graphics are good and are accompanied by a relaxing piano music piece, as well as several sound effects, like the screams of the seagulls and the sound of the sea waves crashing on the sand. The program has a control panel that allows you to mute or activate the music and sounds. Also, you can use it to set the exit method of the screensaver, that is, whether you want to exit with a mouse's click, by moving the cursor, by a keyboard stroke or by pressing the ESC key. Also, you can create your own list of songs to play along with the screensaver by using your own music stored in your hard drive. Maybe one drawback of the program is tat the images get repetitive after a while. Also, the setup wizard asks you to install toolbar and to set Ask's website as your default homepage. You can decline to do so and still have the screensaver installed in your system.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice graphics and music


  • Gets somewhat repetitive after a while
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